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Safe, Secure and Reliable

REX is a trusted, loyal business partner. It was built using Apple’s FileMaker database software, so you can rely on it to remain stable and perform great. And REX is stored on Amazon’s renowned data servers, so you can rest assured that your information – and your clients’ and patients’ – is safe and secure.


At the heart of REX is its home dashboard. The dashboard gives you a window into all the action and information a hospice veterinarian or care coordinator needs in order to keep the business streamlined and efficient. At a glance you are able to see upcoming appointments and keep track of all your to do items.

On and Offline Mobility

REX is built around the idea of true mobility. Whether you’re at your home office, your local Starbucks or your patient’s home, you always have access to your client files. REX’s apps for iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Windows devices and Mac computers ensure you are connected to your office. For those times when you don’t have internet access, REX enables you to work offline and later sync your devices when you reconnect to the internet.

Custom Documents

REX takes the work out of creating custom documents like your Notice of Euthanasia and Consent to Euthanasia forms. REX auto-populates fields in these forms such as the name of the pet and their RDVM. REX even provides a line to capture your client’s signature on your iPad or MS Surface. Once the documents are complete, REX can easily email or e-fax them to the appropriate recipient.

How REX Will Save You Money

  • No Locking Contract

    REX is based on a per user, per month subscription model.

  • Free Training

    A REX team member will personally train you on how to make REX work for your business.

  • Complimentary Tech Support

    There is no added tech support fee, as REX offers free tech support.