REX is a comprehensive software application designed specifically for mobile hospice and end-of-life care veterinarians.

Discover REX’s Features & Benefits

REX on the iPhone

With the REX iPhone app you can easily search for a client’s contact information and safely call them. Also, with a single click you can open your iPhone’s navigation app and let REX take you to your next appointment. The REX app also allows you to see and interact with your schedule, view a patient’s information, create a new file and add a task so you won’t forget to follow up with your client.


At the heart of REX is its home dashboard. The dashboard gives you a window into all the action and information a hospice veterinarian or care coordinator needs in order to keep the business streamlined and efficient. At a glance you are able to see upcoming appointments and keep track of all your to do items.

On and Offline Mobility

REX is built around the idea of true mobility. Whether you’re at your home office, your local Starbucks or your patient’s home, you always have access to your client files. REX’s apps for iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Windows devices and Mac computers ensure you are connected to your office. For those times when you don’t have internet access, REX enables you to work offline and later sync your devices when you reconnect to the internet.

Custom Documents

REX takes the work out of creating custom documents like your Notice of Euthanasia and Consent to Euthanasia forms. REX auto-populates fields in these forms such as the name of the pet and their RDVM. REX even provides a line to capture your client’s signature on your iPad or MS Surface. Once the documents are complete, REX can easily email or e-fax them to the appropriate recipient.

Quick Notes

Chart notes take time. One of REX’s key goals is to free up that time. With our Quick Notes feature, REX will automatically generate a simple chart note of the activities in your appointment, including the quantity and type of a medication administered to your patient.

QuickBooks Integration

REX will integrate with QuickBooks so you’ll be able to take advantage of creating complex reports, managing your payroll and having a complete accounting system at your disposal. (COMING SOON)

The Power of a Picture

Often in appointments we come across something that can be lengthy to type into chart notes. With REX’s photo feature you are able to say a thousand words by simply taking a picture of the prescription you just wrote, or a sore on the side of your patient’s body, or the lab results that your client recently received from their RDVM.

Advanced Aftercare Management

Need to keep track of what happens after a euthanasia? Wondering if your client received the remains of their beloved pet? Was a sympathy card sent out? Did your client want a unique urn and a memorabilia item? REX can track all of this for you and make sure nothing gets missed.


To run a successful practice, it is essential that we know where we stand at any time. REX’s accurate and customizable reporting module allows you to track your sales, know how many appointments you have done in a month or prepare your DEA report for presentation should you be audited.

Workflow Wizards

REX features customizable workflows specific to hospice and end-of-life care veterinary practices. Our software wizards help you each step of the way, from creating new patient files to scheduling appointments, to everything in between. REX allows you to customize even further by creating unique workflows for your hospice and end-of-life care appointments.

Intuitive Scheduling

Sitting in traffic is draining and costly. REX can help! Imagine seeing your schedule next to a Google map showing your daily appointments. REX offers this special feature not found elsewhere. Our calendar and mapping integration enables you to clearly see the location of the appointment you are booking alongside the locations of all your upcoming appointments.

DEA Logging and Inventory Management

Simplify your DEA logging and inventory management. REX automatically creates your DEA records, tracks your inventory and notifies you when you are getting low on medications so you never run out.

Safe, Secure and Reliable

REX is a trusted, loyal business partner. It was built using Apple’s FileMaker database software, so you can rely on it to remain stable and perform great. And REX is stored on Amazon’s renowned data servers, so you can rest assured that your information – and your clients’ and patients’ – is safe and secure.

Import & Export

Sometimes it is important to import a patient’s information received from another source into our records. REX allows you to import various file types including PDF, excel, doc, jpg, etc. Likewise, should you need to share your records with another party, REX is able to export a PDF file that contains all of a patient’s information.

Estimates and Quotes

Clients often call to acquire pricing information. It is important to keep track of these quotes. REX provides an interface to allow you to create a quote for a client and link it to a patient file. This prevents any disconnect between a care coordinator and a field veterinarian – so when a veterinarian or technician is in their appointment, they have the quote at their fingertips.

Keeping Track of Potential Clients

Clients often reach out before they need your services. It is important to record the details of these conversations in an organized and searchable way. REX helps you manage your notes and keep track of their information. When a potential client reaches out for a second or third time, you will quickly be able to retrieve your notes on their situation. (COMING SOON)

Mileage Tracking

As a mobile veterinarian, you are constantly driving. It is important that you accurately track your mileage for tax and budget purposes. REX does just that, keeping track of your mileage so you can write it off at tax time.

Bank Deposit Tracking

Looking for a system to manage client payments made by cash or check? There’s no need to worry if your payments made it to the bank or if a check has gotten lost. REX has a deposit manager built right in. It keeps track of all the cash and checks you collect and makes sure nothing goes missing.

Interdisciplinary Team (IDT)

Do you collaborate with a team of professionals on some of your cases? Are you having problems keeping everyone in the loop? With REX’s IDT chat and file sharing integration, all parties stay in sync for free, even if they are not a REX user. (COMING SOON)

Task Manager

REX allows you to manage and assign tasks, both manually and automatically, for yourself and other practice members. Certain tasks, such as sending a sympathy card, may be automatically triggered by a specific appointment workflow (e.g. euthanasia), ensuring your client is not forgotten.