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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you are not permitted to share your REX user account. Sharing a user ID for REX is against REX’s veterinary end user agreement. By sharing a user ID and password, REX is unable to accurately track records. REX records a user ID with the entries that a user makes. For example, if 2 veterinarians share the same user ID, the DEA journal records that REX creates has no way of discerning who administered a controlled substance to a pet, and the records will be inaccurate.

At this time, FileMaker does not offer compatibility with the Android platform. Once REX has released its web version, REX can be used on Android devices. However, the REX web version will not have full functionality.

REX works on both Apple (iPhone, iPad, Mac) and Windows (MS Surface, etc.) based products. When selecting the devices you wish to run REX on, always remember that the speed of your device will affect REX’s performance. As a result, we generally do not recommend using REX on any portable device older than 3 years. Also, if you wish to be mobile, remember to make sure your device has the ability to connect to the internet with a cellular data plan. If you need help deciding what products to buy, please give us a call or send us an email. We do have a REX Veterinary Software account with Apple. With this account, we are offered a small discount on Apple products. Please contact us so we can connect you with our Apple representative.

No, the REX iPhone app and the iPad app are designed to work as a team. The phone version is designed to be a reference tool. It is a contact manager that allows you to easily place calls to your clients or navigate you to your next appointment. It also allows you to see your schedule, create a new appointment, create a new task, or view a patient file. The iPad and Mac version contains full functionality, allowing you to enter chart notes, create invoices and run reports.

Yes. Your data is very safe. REX and your data are stored on Amazon’s legendary stable and secure servers. Furthermore, with REX’s platform being run on Apple’s FileMaker software, you can also be assured that security is taken very seriously.

In order for REX to function efficiently, it relies on the fact that accurate local information has been entered into your REX database. For example, REX will need to know what your local sales tax rates are so it can charge your customers appropriately. Also, REX needs to know the names, emails and fax numbers of your local vet clinics so that REX can create and email/efax your personalized Notice of Euthanasia. You can enter this information manually in REX’s admin panel. You may also obtain an Excel spreadsheet that contains all your relevant information. For a fee, a REX team member will import the information into REX for you. If you need assistance knowing how to easily collect this information, please contact us. We would be more than happy to help.

Even in today’s world where we so often communicate through email, the ability to send an old-school fax is often required. REX is able to send faxes when email is not an option. This is done through the use of an efax account. Your REX subscription does not include an efax account; however, with a quick search online, you will be able to set one up. With your efax account, for example, your Notice of Euthanasia will be sent as an email and received by the RDVM as a fax.

If you are a care coordinator working from your home or an office that has access to the internet via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable, you do not need a cellular data plan. However, for a mobile technician or a veterinarian, it is highly advisable. Without access to the internet you will be able to use REX, though the REX offline feature is designed to be used for short periods of time. In the offline mode, REX is unable to sync between the devices used by other users in your practice.

Yes. However, this feature is still under construction. Once the web browser version of REX is functional, it is important to understand that it will not be as versatile and as rich in features as the iOS, Mac OS and Windows versions.

Yes, REX allows you to import files such as PDF, Doc, JPG, Excel, etc. This allows you to keep digital records from other RDVM’s all nicely stored in your patient’s file. Likewise, you are able to export your patient’s file, should that be needed.

FileMaker is a database software application owned by Apple. It is a very common software platform that many businesses use as it is very stable, secure and highly customizable to fit the unique needs of certain businesses or industries. The FileMaker platform is often used in small businesses like your local doctor’s office all the way up to large general contracting firms using it to manage the construction of a high rise building.

Yes! First please reach out and contact us with any questions you may have, either through our Contact Us page or by phone at 425-977-5956. We want to help you make sure REX is the right software application for your practice. You also can create your REX account to start your free trial. Soon after you create your account, a REX specialist will contact you to set up a secure and private screen share meeting to help you implement REX on all your devices and provide detailed training to get you up and going ASAP.

A user is one individual that has their own private log in credentials to access REX. This user is able to access REX on an iPad and their iPhone – or on a Mac/Windows computer and their iPhone – at the same time. Soon REX will also allow you to sign into your REX user account via a web browser.

It depends on what format they are in. For example, if the data are in a cvs file or an organized Excel spreadsheet, the answer is yes. However, REX does not handle the importing of handwritten files.

No, REX is built to be very intuitive. It contains workflow wizards to help you conduct all of your business. Should you need additional help though, we are always just a phone call or email away.

REX will be an ever-improving product. It is designed for you, and your input is essential to making REX even better. Have a suggestion? Please send an email to

Log into your account on the account sign in page. From here you can edit your account details, payment information and add or subtract users.

Log into your account on the account sign in page. From here you can edit your account details, payment information and add or subtract users.

For specific pricing information, visit our Purchase page.

REX is based on per user, per month subscription model. A user is one person. For example: a veterinarian, a technician or a care coordinator. REX does not allow you to share a single account as only one person can be logged in at a time to that user ID. It would violate Apple FileMaker’s policy. Also, if two users use the same account, proper record keeping is no longer possible as REX makes use of user login ID to track log entries. However, additional users may be easily purchased, and the more users purchased, the more affordable each user is.


We are working hard to complete REX v1. Please stay tuned!

A ‘Connection’ is like a license. It provides you with access to REX ‘in the cloud’. A ‘Sync’ provides the ability to download the data from your Connection for access on your desktop. You can then sync the data back up to the cloud at any point.