How will REX make me more money?

Life is busy. We need to get the kids off to school in the morning, take the dog in for grooming, and go see your doctor because your knee is hurting. Being efficient could never be more important than life in today’s world. Using the old expression “time is money” could not fit better fit. REX will substantially reduce the number of administration hours involved in running your practice freeing up your staff onto other projects that will grow your practice or to simply give you more time and energy to take extra appointments or market your business.

Is my data safe and secure?

Yes. Your data is very safe and very secure. Both REX and your data are stored on Amazon’s legendary, stable and secure servers. Furthermore, with REX’s platform being run on Apple’s FileMaker software, rest assured that security is taken very seriously. Just don’t make your password…. “password”.

How do I know if REX is the right software solution for my practice?

Please reach out with any questions you may have through our Contact Us page. Let us know if you would like a phone call back or an email response. We will answer any questions you may have. Then we can set up a secure screen share, so you can decide for yourself by seeing REX in action.

How much does REX cost?

REX is offered by subscription and is priced on a per-user per-month basis. With that said there are 2 pricing plans. 1) Pay as You Grow which $50 per month (for the 1st user) plus $3 for every appointment seen. There is no charge to make an appointment and there is no charge if an appointment is canceled. Option 2) REX Unlimited is $175 per month (for 1st user) an an unlimited number of appointments can be seen. Additional users may be added for a flat $25 per month per user.

I’m busy! Is REX hard to learn?

No! REX has been built to be very intuitive and to make your life easier, not more complicated. It contains workflow wizards to help you conduct all of your business activities. Should you need additional help, though, we are always just a phone call or an email away. Also on the REX webpage there are several “how to” videos.

How do I add or remove users?

Log into your REX web account on the sign in page. From here you may edit your account details and add or subtract users. Note adding or removing users may take up to 48 hours to process

How do I edit my payment details or my account information?

Log into your REX web account on the sign in page. From here you may edit your account details and payment information.

Can I import my old patient files?

That depends on the format they are in. If, for example, your files are electronic and are in CSV format or an organized Excel spreadsheet, then yes. REX does not import handwritten files. Please note that importing your existing patient files can be a complicated process. For a quote to do so please contact REX support.

What constitutes a user?

A user is one individual that has their own private login credentials to access REX, e.g. a veterinarian, a technician or a care coordinator. The user is able to access REX on an iPad or their iPhone or a Mac/Windows computer.

What is FileMaker?

FileMaker (link) is a database software application owned by Apple. It is a very common software platform that many businesses use for its stability and security. The FileMaker platform is used in small businesses like your local doctor’s office all the way up to large Fortune 500 companies.

Can I import files to add to a patient records?

Yes, REX allows you to import files such as PDF, .docx, .jpg. This allows you to keep digital records from other RDVM’s all nicely stored in your patient’s file.

Can I export a patient record?

Absolutely, you are able to export a patients record. REX will compile all the information about a patient record and create a nicely presented  PDF. This makes it easy to keep other doctors involved in a patients care all upto date. A REX user is also able to just email a single chart note of patient.

Can I access REX via the Web?

No. At this point.[CC1]  You will need to access your REX software through the REX Filemaker app’ that your REX team puts on your devices.

Do I need a need a cellular data plan for my iPad?

A care coordinator working from their home or office that has access to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable would not need a cellular data plan. However, for a mobile technician or a veterinarian, it is highly advisable. Without access to the internet you will be able to use REX, though the REX offline feature is designed to be used for short periods of time. In the offline mode, REX is not able to sync between all the devices used by other users in your practice and therefore when offline you will not have updated information about your latest appointment or recent changes to a patient record made by another user. Also, without syncing REX would not be backing up your data.

Can REX send a fax?

Yes. Even though we do much of our communicating by email these days, we often need to send an old school fax’s sometimes. Some DVM clinics still prefer to receive “Notices of Euthanasia”. REX is able to send faxes when email is not an option. This is done through the use of an e-fax account. With your e-fax account, your Notice of Euthanasia is sent as an email and received by a DVM clinic as a fax. Your REX subscription does not include an e-fax subscrption. You are welcome to use your own e-fax account or for an additional charge you are able to purchase an e-fax subscription through REX Veterinary Software.

Why do I need to enter all my local DVM clinics into REX?

In order for REX to function efficiently, it relies on that fact that the names, emails address, phone numbers, fax numbers AND each of their preferred e-address (fax or email) of your local vet clinics has been entered. The central reason for this is that in order for REX to send Notices of Euthanasia to all the clinics involved in a patient care REX needs to know where to send them to. There are 3 ways you are able to enter this information into REX. 1) you can go to the admin section in REX and add each clinic one-by-one (a very time consuming process). 2 You can add these clinics via a spread sheet that you have obtained from any source (ie your state veterinary board) as long as it is in the required format and contains all the relevant information (see the REX worksheet) (add link]. You can also complete the REX worksheet (add link] .Your 3rd option is to have your REX team mates do this for you. To generate your personalized DVM clinics list (minus the preferred e-address) and import it into REX your REX teammates charge $1.00 a clinic. For your REX team to call each clinic to confirm their preferred e-address we change an additional $1.00 per clinic.

Is the app the same for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows computers?

No, and we’re glad you asked, because it’s an important question. The REX iPhone app and iPad/Mac/Windows app [CC2] are designed to work as a team. The iphone version is design to be a tool so that you are never without your important information. Lets face it we don’t carry Ipads and computers with us to the movies. The Iphone version allows you to access all of your patients records and that all important task manager. Also you are able to view and interact with your your schedule. By clicking on your next appointment you are able to open apple maps to easily navigate to your next appointment or with touch of a button call an up coming client tol say you you are running late. The iPad version of REX is the working tool that a veterinarian will use in the field, while treating a patient. Invoicing, chart noting, scheduling, creating logs for controlled medications, having your clients  digitally sign a consent to Euthanize, adding inventory and seeing what the days sales are all done on the Ipad. The Mac & Windows version of REX is nearly identical to the Ipad version. The only significant difference is hardware. Where a veterinarian will need to be mobile requiring a IPad and care-coordinator working in office setting would be more suited to using a mac or windows computer

What devices (hardware)do I need to run REX?
  • If you don’t understand a word of what is mentioned below…Contact us for help

  • REX works on Apple iOS devices running iOS 12.2 and higher (we recommend devices run the current iOS 13).  IPhones should be not older than IPhone 6 model and Ipads should not be less than the IPad Air 2 (2014) with cellular data and Ipad Mini 4 with Cellular data

  • We recommended using a keyboard to go with your Ipad. There are good options from Apple and other aftermarket manufacturers like Logitech, Belkin, and, Zagg, etc.

  • Mac computers should running macOS 10.14 Mojave and above. Your Mac computer needs to have a minimum 4GB RAM

  • Windows computers and tablets should be running Windows 10.  All Windows computers needs to have a minimum 1 GHz 64 bit processor and have a minimum of 4 GB RAM

  • Always feel free to reach out to us to ask a question about what hardware to use with REX.

  • A great affordable tablet option is the new 10.2″ (7th generation) iPad. This iPad is compatible with Apple’s keyboard and pencil.  We recommend the 128GB version with cellular connectivity.  If you are a power user we would recommend the current 10.5” iPad Air (2019) or one of the new iPad Pro models with cellular connectivity. Check with your cellular provider as they frequently provide promotions offering deeply discounted tablets as an incentive for signing up with them.

Can I use REX on Android devices?

At this time, FileMaker is not compatible with the Android platform.

Can I share my REX user ID?

No, this is not permitted. Sharing a user ID for REX is against REX Veterinary Software’s end user agreement. Also, by sharing a user ID and password, REX would be unable to accurately track records. Entries made in REX are specific to the user. For example, if 2 veterinarians share the same user ID, the controlled medication logs entries would have no way of discerning who administered a controlled substance to a pet. Also for legal reason REX has a built in audit tracking system that logs every entry and change made to the system by each user. Should the unfortunate circumstance occur that this data need to be pulled for a legal case certain users could be implicated into the legal proceedings that would otherwise not be.

Can I make a suggestion to make REX even better?

Yes! Please do. REX is continuously evolving and improving. REX has been designed for YOU, and your input is essential to making REX the best mobile vet hospice software it can be. We welcome all feedback and suggestions. Simply reach out to us by going to the support page and filling out a support ticket .

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