No, and we’re glad you asked, because it’s an important question. The REX iPhone app and iPad/Mac/Windows app [CC2] are designed to work as a team. The iphone version is design to be a tool so that you are never without your important information. Lets face it we don’t carry Ipads and computers with us to the movies. The Iphone version allows you to access all of your patients records and that all important task manager. Also you are able to view and interact with your your schedule. By clicking on your next appointment you are able to open apple maps to easily navigate to your next appointment or with touch of a button call an up coming client tol say you you are running late. The iPad version of REX is the working tool that a veterinarian will use in the field, while treating a patient. Invoicing, chart noting, scheduling, creating logs for controlled medications, having your clients  digitally sign a consent to Euthanize, adding inventory and seeing what the days sales are all done on the Ipad. The Mac & Windows version of REX is nearly identical to the Ipad version. The only significant difference is hardware. Where a veterinarian will need to be mobile requiring a IPad and care-coordinator working in office setting would be more suited to using a mac or windows computer

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