• If you don’t understand a word of what is mentioned below…Contact us for help

  • REX works on Apple iOS devices running iOS 12.2 and higher (we recommend devices run the current iOS 13).  IPhones should be not older than IPhone 6 model and Ipads should not be less than the IPad Air 2 (2014) with cellular data and Ipad Mini 4 with Cellular data

  • We recommended using a keyboard to go with your Ipad. There are good options from Apple and other aftermarket manufacturers like Logitech, Belkin, and, Zagg, etc.

  • Mac computers should running macOS 10.14 Mojave and above. Your Mac computer needs to have a minimum 4GB RAM

  • Windows computers and tablets should be running Windows 10.  All Windows computers needs to have a minimum 1 GHz 64 bit processor and have a minimum of 4 GB RAM

  • Always feel free to reach out to us to ask a question about what hardware to use with REX.

  • A great affordable tablet option is the new 10.2″ (7th generation) iPad. This iPad is compatible with Apple’s keyboard and pencil.  We recommend the 128GB version with cellular connectivity.  If you are a power user we would recommend the current 10.5” iPad Air (2019) or one of the new iPad Pro models with cellular connectivity. Check with your cellular provider as they frequently provide promotions offering deeply discounted tablets as an incentive for signing up with them.

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