In order for REX to function efficiently, it relies on that fact that the names, emails address, phone numbers, fax numbers AND each of their preferred e-address (fax or email) of your local vet clinics has been entered. The central reason for this is that in order for REX to send Notices of Euthanasia to all the clinics involved in a patient care REX needs to know where to send them to. There are 3 ways you are able to enter this information into REX. 1) you can go to the admin section in REX and add each clinic one-by-one (a very time consuming process). 2 You can add these clinics via a spread sheet that you have obtained from any source (ie your state veterinary board) as long as it is in the required format and contains all the relevant information (see the REX worksheet) (add link]. You can also complete the REX worksheet (add link] .Your 3rd option is to have your REX team mates do this for you. To generate your personalized DVM clinics list (minus the preferred e-address) and import it into REX your REX teammates charge $1.00 a clinic. For your REX team to call each clinic to confirm their preferred e-address we change an additional $1.00 per clinic.

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