Is the app the same for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows computers?

No, and we’re glad you asked – it’s an important question. The REX iPhone app and iPad/Mac/Windows app are designed to work as a team. The iPhone version is designed to give you the most important information you need – always – at your fingertips. (Let’s face it, we don’t carry iPads and computers with us to the movies.) The iPhone version allows you to access all of your patients’ records, your all-important task manager and also your schedule. By clicking on your next appointment, you are able to open Apple Maps to easily navigate your way there, or call your next client to say you’re running late. The iPad version of REX is the working tool that a veterinarian uses in the field while treating a patient. It allows you to handle your key tasks on the go – invoicing, chart noting, scheduling, creating logs for controlled medications, having your clients digitally sign a Consent to Euthanize, adding inventory and seeing what the day’s sales are. The Mac / Windows version of REX is nearly identical to the iPad version. The only significant difference is the hardware that is used. Typically a veterinarian would require an iPad for its mobile features, whereas a care coordinator working in an office would use a Mac or Windows computer.