What devices (hardware) do I need to run REX?

Note: if the information below sounds like it’s in a different language, feel free to reach out to a REX teammate to ask a question about what hardware to use with REX.

  • REX works on Apple iPhones & iPads running iOS 10.2 minimum. It requires iTunes 12.x. iPhones should be not older than the iPhone 6 model, and iPads should not be less than iPad Air 1 with cellular data or a iPad Mini 4 with cellular data.
  • We highly recommend you purchase a keyboard to go with your iPad. We have found the best keyboards are made by Belkin and Zagg. These products offer great functionality and protection for your device, and can easily be purchased on Amazon. Apple keyboards also are a great option; however they do not provide as much protection for a mobile device that may be dropped a few times.
  • Mac computers running OS X El Capitan 10.11 and above, with a minimum 4GB RAM
  • Windows computers (including MS Surface tablets) running Windows 8.1 and above, with a minimum 1 GHz 64-bit processor and a minimum of 4 GB RAM