Rex provides an easy-to-use software solution specifically designed to increase efficiency and profitability for the mobile veterinary practice.

The mobile practice is unique

Your mobile practice has a very different set of needs. Most mobile practices are a home-based business compared to the traditional clinic with a waiting room, surgery suite, and many staff members. A mobile practice often has a large focus on end of life care, where as the traditional clinic is focused on general practice. REX was built with the small mobile practice in mind. Built to suit your unique needs and ready to grow as your practice grows.

Building the right tool for the job

After 4 years of in-depth research, we discovered that using the traditional model of veterinary software is simply incompatible with the needs of a mobile veterinary practitioner. REX is unique in that it is designed with the mobile practice in mind. REX will make running your mobile practice smooth and efficient – significantly cutting down on administration, thus saving money and time.

Estimates show that by using REX, total administration time for each appointment is cut roughly in half compared to more commonly used and less effective administration systems

How will Rex benefit your business?

  • More free time

  • See additional patients

  • Simplify your day-to-day business

The REX community

As end of life care mobile practitioners, we are a small community. A community of like minded individuals who are passionate about helping people and pets through their most pivotal moments. As REX grows from puppy to adulthood, the practitioners in our field will shape how REX matures to ensure our practices grow to support not only our patients, but us as well.

Not Convinced REX is the business partner you are looking for?

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