If you are a mobile hospice and end of life (EOL) care veterinarian, you know the incredible amount of work required to manage your practice – much of it being repetitive administrative tasks and paperwork. The time you spend on those things is time and energy you can’t spend being a vet and caring for families in need, or time you’re not able to spend with your own family, become a healthier and happier individual, or grow your practice and make more money.

REX frees up that time so you can focus on growing your practice, giving better care to your patients and their emotionally-distressed owners, and spending time on what’s important to you in your personal life.

How? REX manages and streamlines your repetitive work, keeping you on track. It takes care of scheduling, invoicing, patient recordkeeping, controlled medication logging, tracking all those little to-do items, sending Notices of Euthanasia, making sure you have enough medication in inventory for your upcoming appointments, and important documents such as Consent to Euthanize.

REX is designed for both small and large practices.

Whether you’re a one-vet practice or a team of several vets, REX will greatly simplify the business side of your practice.

Small Practices

  • If you are doing 4 or more appointments a week, you will find REX incredibly helpful. As a small business owner, you likely have limited time and energy to devote to actually growing your business. REX is designed to give you that time, enabling you to accept another appointment or visit local DVM clinics to promote your business.
  • REX will help you keep close tabs on how your practice is growing. You’ll be able to see growth in the number of appointments you take and in your gross revenue. More personally, it shows you that you’re doing something incredibly valuable – helping  more families through difficult times.
  • The REX iPhone App allows you to keep the information you need at your fingertips, so your office is with you no matter where you go.
  • The monthly cost of REX is less than the cost of 1 hospice or EOL appointment. Or, if you’re a coffee lover, it’s about the cost of a cup of coffee a day at your favorite local coffee shop… and it brings greater peace of mind.
  • REX will quickly become the best investment you ever made for your practice.

Larger Practices

  • REX is also a huge advantage for larger practices. It will greatly streamline your business. The typical administrative cost of running a multiple vet and care coordinator practice is very high. REX will significantly reduce the redundant paperwork your support staff and vets have to complete, eliminating volumes of paperwork and ineffective e-filing via Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • REX allows you to better use your staffing resources to grow your practice. Your staff will be able to reach out to more families to follow up on their patients. They’ll also be better positioned to market to referral sources to let them know you are ready to help a family in need.

There is no risk to you

We are confident that REX will streamline your business, and offer you a risk-free guarantee: If after 1 month you don’t feel REX has made your practice run more smoothly, you do not need to pay, and will not be charged a setup fee.  Also, you receive free tech support and there is NO locking contract.

You simply cannot lose by trying REX.

Remember: Invest in yourself, Invest in your patients, Invest in your practice